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Castle Creations 010017600 Sidewinder Nano Micro ESC, 12.6V 010-0176-00
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Castle Creations 010-0176-00 Sidewinder Nano Micro ESC, 12.6V

We are thrilled to add a performance upgrade solution to the ever-growing micro-scale phenomenon in R/C. The SIDEWINDER NANO may be small in stature, but it’s colossal in power and includes our proprietary CRYO-DRIVE™ Technologyresulting in improved thermal performance during partial throttle operation where the majority of driving occurs.

The Sidewinder Nano is ready-to-run out of the box but can also be “tuned” for the drivers’ preferences using a Windows® based PC and a Castle Link USB adapter (sold separately), or with a mobile device using Castle B-Link Bluetooth® Adapter (sold separately).



  • Input Voltage Range 2s-3s LiPo, 12.6V Max
  • Sensorless and Brushed Running Modes
  • Internal BEC 5V Fixed, 5A Peak
  • CRYO-DRIVE™ Technology minimizes the amount of time the ESC’s electrical components spend generating heat, resulting in improved thermal performance during partial throttle operation where the majority of driving occurs
  • Castle Link tuning via Windows PC and a Castle Link USB adapter (sold separately)
  • Convenient TRANSMITTER PROGRAMMING for six common adjustable settings including cutoff voltage and drag brake
  • Optional smartphone-based programming with the B-LINK™ Bluetooth Adapter (sold separately) and Castle Link app available on Google Play or Apple App Store
  • Audible alerts for easy diagnoses of common issues such as low-voltage cutoff



  • Ideal for 1/24th scale 2WD or 4WD vehicles up to 453g: Vehicle examples: Axial SCX24, Axial AX24, Element Enduro24, FMS FCX24 
  • 1/18th crawlers up 1kg (no rock racing/hill climbing): Vehicle Examples: Axial UTB18, Traxxas TRX-4M, FMS FCX18



  • Input Voltage Range: MIN: 2s LiPo - MAX: 3s LiPo (12.6V)
  • BEC Specifications: 5V fixed output, 5A Peak
  • Operating Environment: Not waterproof, silicone conformal coated for water resistance.
  • On/Off Switch: N/A
  • Cooling Fan: N/A
  • Size: Length: 28mm
  • Width: 15.5mm
  • Height: 9.3mm
  • Weight (with no battery connector): 10gr
  • Items Needed for Operation: Battery and Motor Connectors sold separately

Product Use Statements:

  • Any appropriately sized outrunner can be utilized. A 1806 (stator size) is popular for the 24th scale crawlers, monster trucks, etc. 3000-3500ish kv for 2s, 2000-2500kv for 3s. (motor outside dimensions are ~16mm diameter, ~20mm length). A 2204 to 2208 (stator size) is a good choice for 1/18th scale crawlers (IE Axial UTB18, Traxxas TRX4m). Same kvs as above. (motor outside dimensions ~28mm diameter, ~26mm length)


Application Guidelines:

  • For 1/24th scale 2WD or 4WD (Axial SCX24, Axial AX24, Element Enduro24, FMS FCX24) vehicles up to 1lbs. 1/18th crawlers up 2.25lbs (Axial UTB18, Traxxas TRX-4m, FMS FCX18) (no rock racing/hill climbing)



  • Fully programmable Castle feature set using Castle Link USB adapter (sold separately) and freely downloadable Castle Link Windows™ software, or the Castle Link iOS® or Android® app with B-LINK™ Bluetooth™ Adapter (sold separately).
Castle Creations

Castle Creations

Castle Creations makes the best electronic speed controllers in the industry, possibly the world!  Our engineers have spent countless hours integrating features and firmware that no other manufacturers can match.

Speed Controllers enabled with SmartSense use the motor’s sensors to provide smooth starts, excellent torque, and low-speed drivability. Once the motor is turning, it seamlessly transitions to Castle’s ULTRA-EFFICIENT sensorless mode with electronic timing. When running, a motor must transition between different load points and a different timing advance is required for optimal efficiency at each. Electronic timing in SMARTSENSE™ will advance timing automatically for peak performance during all driving conditions. This combines the best of both worlds in an unrivaled HYBRID between smooth sensored startups and high-efficiency sensorless running. Your motor will produce more power and less heat.

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