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Tamiya 58701 OPEL CALIBRA V6 CLIFF (TT-01E) NO ESC 58701
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A Fine Vintage
The cars in the 1995 German DTM touring car series were finely honed beasts, battling it out over twenty-four races in six countries. Opel, Mercedes-Benz and Audi cars took part; six Opels from two teams took to the track, including this Calibra V6 clad in a striking black livery bearing the name of title sponsor Cliff, and piloted by JJ Lehto. This R/C model assembly kit depicts the car in style, with the two-door coupe body molded in lightweight polycarbonate and stickers included to recreate markings.


    ★Left: This image gives a close-up on the stylish silver color dish wheels and slicks, housed under the distinctive fenders.

★Right: Separate injection molded plastic parts depict the side mirror (stickers are used for mirror surface) and wiper.


    ★Left: The front of the full-size car had a complex design for cooling and downforce, realistically depicted by this model in scale.

★Right: The dynamic combination of large rear wing and long stays is a one-piece depiction. Stickers recreate the Opel logo and more.


Evolved Chassis
The bathtub frame of the evolved shaft-driven 4WD TT-01 Type-E has its motor and battery close to the ground for lower center of gravity and optimum balance. Mounted on the bathtub frame is a fiberglass reinforced nylon upper deck and gear covers improving rigidity, as well as a three-piece tie rod providing smooth steering action. The low center of gravity, highly balanced design, 4-wheel double wishbone suspension system, and front and rear differential gears all come together to produce an excellent drive. Silver dish wheels are paired with racing slick tires for the finishing touch, while a host of Hop-Up Option parts are available to soup up the TT-01 Type-E!


    ★Left: Dedicated TT-01 Type-E upright designs offer excellent reliability and fit that translates into a great, long-lasting drive.

★Right: A three-piece steering tie rod setup employs aluminum pipes for superior parts fit and smooth steering motion.


    ★Left: This image shows an example of how drivers in R/C races can use the included transponder stay when setting up their car.

★Right: Damper stay and gear cover are separate parts; the stay features two different damper attachment holes to choose from.


★Length:448mm, width: 185mm, height: 128mm ★Wheelbase: 257mm ★Tire width/diameter: 27/67mm ★Bathtub type chassis frame ★Longitudinally-mounted motor, shaft-driven 4WD ★Front & rear 3-bevel differentials ★3-piece steering tie-rod ★4-wheel double wishbone suspension ★Front & rear friction dampers ★Gear ratio = 8.35:1 ★Type 540 motor ★Requires an Electronic Speed Controller (sold separately)


Separately Required Items
★2-channel R/C system w/ESC ★R6/AA/UM3 batteries for transmitter ★Battery pack & charger


Mr. Yoshio Tamiya founded a saw mill/lumber factory in Shizuoka-City. Tamiya ventured into the modeling business in 1948, with a scale wooden ship model kit. Since then, Tamiya has been striving to offer merchandise that can truly be called "First in Quality Around the World."

Now Tamiya is offering more than 3000 different products, both in the fields of precision static models and high performance radio control vehicles. These products are not only sold in Japan but also exported in vast quantities to the United States, Europe, South East Asia, and to many other parts of the world. The standard of excellence achieved by Tamiya is regarded as among the very finest in the world of model hobbies.

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