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Body Destroyer 1/7 Arrma Infraction/Limitless BDMC7-DSTY
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Bittydesign DESTROYER - 1/7 ARRMA Infraction-Limitless body


DESTROYER is pure arrogance for your Infraction!
This project was born from the desire to create an extraordinary body shell developed specifically for ARRMA.

The body shell has been designed to fit the ARRMA® Infraction V2™ chassis. Also compatible for *Limitless™ platform.

  • Made with high quality and genuine polycarbonate Lexan®, 1.5mm thick
  • Included a kit with the hardware necessary to fix properly the rear wing and the front 3D nose
  • * for installation on Limitless™ frame it is necessary to purchase the following parts: ARRMA Infraction Body Post Mount Set (#ARA320517), ARRMA Front Bumper Support (#ARA320521), ARRMA Front Bumper (#ARA320515) e ARRMA Outcast Body Post Set (#ARA320357))
  • Specs: length 700mm, width 330mm, height 165mm
  • Wheelbase: 406mm (with ARRMA dBoots® Hoons™ wheels)
  • Sold clear with protective film outside
  • Included in the package a decal sheet pre-cut and the windows mask
  • Front 3D nose and rear wing included

Mounting parts that make the difference!
During the development we have thought of every possible detail and this has led us to design a few parts that add the "extra touch" to the body shell.

These 2 accessories are INCLUDED together with the body and are made with a separate mold:

  • Front 3D nose: made to best enhance the front of the body with strong undercut details that make the appearance even more aggressive
  • Rear wing: the mounting of this part is not mandatory if you want to leave the look of the body more clean; if you want to improve the stability the wing it's a must

NOTE: the wing and front nose comes in 1.5mm thickness and the cutting of these 2 parts REQUEST HIGH QUALITY SCISSORS: we higly recommend to buy our professional curved and straight scissors, see the 'Related products' at the bottom of the page.

Front nose 'flat' or nose '3D'? The choice is yours.
During the design we made sure that the body shell can be prepared in 2 different ways:

  • Keeping the body in a single block with the front part (the nose) simplified for molding needs but in any case with well-recognizable shapes of headlights and central air intake
  • Removing the 'flat' nose and installing the '3D nose' (included) in its place with special fixing screws to obtain a more aggressive look thanks to the very evident undercuts that characterize it

The choice of removing the 'flat' front nose to replace it with the more three-dimensional and more real one is at your discretion but not mandatory. The images offer an immediate comparison of the 2 different solutions.

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