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Tamiya 61104 Focke Wolf FW190 F-89 With Bomb Loading Set 1/48 61104

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In the latter half of WWII, the Luftwaffe Focke-Wulf Fw190 F series were the main aircraft used for air-to-ground assaults. The F-8, which entered the fray from the spring of 1944, was based on the A-8 aircraft and had the largest production numbers among the F series variants. The F-9 which had a superior engine output was also soon put into action. Both Fw190 F-8 and F-9 aircraft fought hard against the ever increasing numbers of Allied fighters up until the end of the war.

Note: The color chart below is the paints called out in the assembly manual of the model kit. Duplicate colors shown are in reference to Tamiya bottle paints as available in two sizes; 10ml and 23ml. Choose the bottle volume that best meets your needs. All spray can paints (AS, TS and PS) are available in 100ml.

  • AS-24 – 100ml Dark Green (German Air)
  • AS-4 – 100ml Gray Violet (LUFTWAFFE)
  • AS-5 – 100ml Light Blue (LUFTWAFFE)
  • TS-3 – 100ml Dark Yellow
  • TS-4 – 100ml German Grey
  • X-10 – 10ml Gun Metal
  • X-11 – 10ml Chrome Silver
  • X-18 – 10ml Semi Gloss Black
  • X-2 – 10ml White
  • X-5 – 10ml Green
  • X-7 – 10ml Red
  • XF-1 – 10ml Flat Black
  • XF-15 – 10ml Flat Flesh
  • XF-16 – 10ml Flat Aluminum
  • XF-19 – 10ml Sky GreyWhite
  • XF-2 – 10ml Flat WhiteGrey
  • XF-22 – 10ml RLM Grey
  • XF-24 – 10ml Dark Grey
  • XF-27 – 10ml Black Green
  • XF-49 – 10ml Khaki
  • XF-50 – 10ml Field Blue
  • XF-56 – 10ml Metallic Grey
  • XF-57 – 10ml Buff
  • XF-59 – 10ml Desert Yellow
  • XF-64 – 10ml Red Brown

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