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SkyRC Q200 Quad-Charger 240VAC/12VDC SK100104

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Q200 AC/DC Quattro Balance/Charger/Discharger

SkyRC Q200 is a Quad-channel charger with 4 independent circuits, which can charge four different kinds of batteries simultaneously. The charger adopts a 480×320 color LCD display, and paired channels (A&C or B&D) support power distribution in AC mode. Moreover, users could either connect it to PC or mobile device to further expand their using experience. Firmware upgrade is available via PC software interface.

LiHV Mode Available
Q200 is capable of charging / discharging the new generation of Lithium battery whose maximum voltage is 4.35V.

Voltage Calibration
During the manufacturing process every Q200 production unit gets tested and calibrated after highest factory standards. Ambitious users who trust their own expensive equipment more or who prefer their personal fluke to serve as reference have the possibility to adjust the Q200 factory calibration by a few counts.

Lithium Battery Balancer
SkyRC Q200 employs an individual-cell-voltage balancer. It isn't necessary to connect an external balancer for balance charging.

Maximum Safety

  • Automatic Charging Current Limit
  • Capacity Limit
  • Temperature Threshold
  • Processing Time Limit

Program Data Store/Load
The charger can store up to 10 different charge/discharge profiles in each channel, few clicks can activate them, which saves you repeating the dull settings.

Battery Meter
The charger can read individual cell voltage and the total voltage of the battery pack.

Battery Resistance Meter
The charger can test individual cell's internal resistance and the total internal resistance of the battery pack.

PC Control
The PC software enriches operating experience, like viewing realtime graphs of voltage, amperage, capacity and temperature.

Your Charger Gets its own app
Smart Phone Control via Bluetooth (both iOS and Android), this charger can be controlled and operated by smart phones via Bluetooth directly. Search for "SKYRC Q200" on the App Store or Google Play.

Built in Bluetooth
The Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity allows the user to remote control and monitor the Q200 comfortably through an app on a portable device such as smartphone, iPad, or iPhone. The iOS app can be downloaded from iTunes Store, the Android app from Google Play Store. Operation of the app is self-explanatory and the same on iOS and on Android. Explicit pairing is not required; after download and installation just activate Bluetooth on your mobile device and launch the app. Q200 and your device will establish Bluetooth connection automatically.


  • SkyRC Q200 Charger
  • 4x XH Balance Adaptors
  • 4x XT60 Charge Leads with 4mm banana conecctors
  • 2x Charge leads with 4 mm banana connectors

  • Input Voltage: AC100-240V / DC: 11-18V (30A power supply or car battery)
  • Charge Power - DC input: CH-A & CH-B: 100W / CH-C & CH-D: 50W
  • Charge Power - AC input: CH-A & CH-C: 100W / CH-B & CH-D: 100W, CH-A & CH-B: 50-100W & CH-C & CH-D: 0-50W
  • Charge Current: CH-A & CH-B: 0.1-10A, CH-C & CH-D: 0.1-5A
  • Discharge Power: 4x10W
  • Discharge Current: 4x 0.1-2A
  • Balance Current: Max 200mA/cell
  • LiPo/LiFe/LiIon/LiHV: 1-6S
  • NiMH/NiCD: 1-15 cells
  • Pb: 2-20V
  • Bluetooth Communication: Bluetooth 4.0 (range aprox 20meters)
  • Size: 197 x 182 x 71 mm
  • Weight: 1335 g

Weight: 1335 g
Input Voltage: 11-18VDC / 100-240VAC V
Dimensions: 197x182x71 mm
Charge Current: 0,1-10A
Charges (Li-Fe): 1-6 Cells
Charges (Li-Ion): 1-6 Cells
Charges (Li-Po): 1-6 Cells
Charges (NiMH): 1-15 Cells
Charges (Pb): 2-20V
Charging (Battery type): Li-Fe, Li-Ion, Li-Po, LiHV, NiCd, NiMH, Pb
Discharge Current: 0,1-2,0A x 4
Output: 100W
Supplied Charging Cables: 4x XT60

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