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Multiplex 100519 FunRacer White Edition 100519

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"Height - Speed - Maneuver" - this is the principle that Multiplex has built a new FunRacer, a follower of the popular DogFighter, just like its predecessor, it is a damn fast and skillful low wing of an almost indestructible ELAPOR with the elegance and aggressive look of purebred racing around pylons and the soul of the World War II fighter offers you a bountiful dose of pure and undiluted adrenaline!

Low speed, awesome maximum speed (up to 165 km / h in the basic design directly from the box), great handling in flight over a wide range of speeds with accurate and fast steering response for wild acrobatics ... all in conjunction with an extremely resistant foam dragonfly ELAPOR. The operation of the model is facilitated by a whole range of scooters - from the detachable cab cover for lightning-fast refueling, pardon, battery replacement, to a removable wing for easy transport. And you'll be ready for the first Funracer flight for fifteen hours!

The robust fuselage of the ELAPOR foam model carries all the typical features of the "traditional multiplex" construction - strategically positioned carbon and plastic reinforcements, a removable cab cover for easy battery replacement, The fuselage is supplied assembled with the ROXXY BL C35-42-1160kv AC motors with APC 10x7E precision plastic cone, 70X S-BEC ROXXY BL-Control 755 S-BEC, and MS-12016 MG digital microswitches for rudder and elevator.

Tail surfaces are also from Elaporu; servos of rudder and elevator are located in the tail part of the fuselage, rudders are controlled by short straight wire rods.

The wing with semi-symmetrical profile of the foamed ELAPOR with carbon reinforcements is one-piece; to the hull is fastened by two polyamide screws." Ailerons are controlled by two servos stored in the wing; MS-12016 MG microservers are of course already built-in.

FunRacer - as is usual in the combat models - does not have a chassis, it starts from the hand and lands "on the stomach" into the grass.

The model is supplied in the base color of the white ELAPOR; using your fantasy, EPP / EPO colors, and the sticker sticker you can really work out and create your own, completely unmistakable "spoonbill".

To power the model, you need a three-cell Li-poly 2200-2700 mAh battery with a load of at least 40C.

To control the model, you will need at least a four-channel RC kit, of course, the use of at least a 5-channel computer RC set is ideal, allowing independent control of aileron servos, precise range adjustment, the exponential course of deflections to reduce the sensitivity of the rudder around the neutral, allowing for very precise steering while maintaining a large maximum deflection.

ARF set includes: assembled hull and bearing surfaces of foam ELAPOR in white with engine mounted, regulator and servos, stick stick, building instructions.

Span [mm] 920
Length [mm] 885
Weight [g] 980
Wing area [dm 2 ] 19
Controlled functions S, V, K (2), M
Building demand S0, S1
Flight challenge P3


Drive and RC equipment:

Engine * ROXXY BL C35-42-1160kv
Regulator * ROXXY BL-Control 755 S-BEC
Propeller * APC 10x7E
Battery pack FOXY G2 11.1 V 2200 or 2600 mAh
Servos * 4 x MS-12016 MG
RC set min." 4 channels
*) Component of the ARF set

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