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Kyosho 10655RSR Minium Edge 540 ReadySet, Red 10655RSR

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An ideal second airplane with aileron control for sharp flight maneuverability that will please even expert level fliers! Transmitter NOT included.

This airplane-only set lets you control EDGE 540 with its flat bottom main wing and aileron with your existing 3-channel MINIUM transmitter. This makes the EDGE 540 an ideal 2nd or 3rd addition to your aircraft hanger. With its potent power train, the excellent forward penetration and air speed is combined with dynamic maneuverability and control around the roll axis from the ailerons. The EDGE 540 is also fully assembled with the combination ESC, receiver and linear stroke servos in the one-piece control unit installed with linkages. Even expert fliers will be excited by the fascinating flight performance of the EDGE 540.

Robust flat bottom main wing produces high degree of flight maneuverability. Ailerons provide direct control around the roll axis and sharper flight control. Reduced main wing flex prevents wing tip stall and contributes to greater slow flight stability.


Main wing, vertical fin and tail wing are pre-fixed. Completely assembled with control surfaces installed. Only a few simple steps to complete flight preparation.


Color choice of blue or red available. Advanced 2.4GHz R/C system allows up to 26 airplanes to be flown together safely at the same time.

  • Fully assembled and complete with coloring and special R/C system linkages. Tail wing is also pre-attached so just charge the battery and take-off.
  • 8mm motor replaces previous 6mm version for more powerful flight performance.
  • Large diameter D130 x P70mm propeller and special gear reduction unit deliver strong thrust.
  • Features pre-installed lightweight one-piece control unit with built-in speed control amp, receiver and two linear stroke servos.
  • Reduced wing flex results from the fixed main wing that includes ailerons and doesn't need to be removed from fuselage. Thick flat bottom wing is robust but still light weight with excellent flight agility.
< What is an Plane Set? >
An airplane set refers to an airplane-only set without transmitter, 
making it an ideal 2nd or 3rd addition to you aircraft collection. Use your existing MINIUM series transmitter with other models from the lineup.

< Set Contents >

  • Fully assembled fuselage (amp+receiver+2-servos in a one-piece 3-channel control unit)

< Required for Operation >

  • PERFEX KT-17 transmitter included in Readyset / Airplane stand with built-in auto-cut off quick charger / Special lithium polymer battery
  • Note) Oxyride batteries cannot be used.
Technical Data
Length 335mm
Width 385mm
Weight 30g (approx.)
Motor M8 Coreless Motor
Wing Area 2.64dm2
Wing Load 11.36g/dm2
Wing Type Flat bottom type
Propeller D130mm×P70mm
Scale 1/19


This R/C model is not a toy!
Correct assembly and maintenance and choice of appropriate flight location is required for the safe operation of this model. Failure to use responsibly and perform required safety checks can cause fatal accidents. Beginner flyers should never fly 

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